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(no subject) [Sep. 26th, 2006|01:40 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |Switchfoot]

I'm so thankful! I love you more than I can express. You are so faithful! I can see that you take care of me everyday. I love you!!! You are my everything! You are my comfort and my Father. I can feel how great your love for me is. I can feel you hugging me so tight. I am content and I am not afraid because I know that you are always close and you are my Provider. Thank you for your precious gifts I get everyday. Thank you for my mom, thank you that I will always have enough of everything I need. Even when I'm sad and feel lonely I know that your eye is upon me and everything is under your control. You've never given me more than I could stand. I know that in all circumstances you will be ready to help me and give real joy coming from your salvation. I always want to be as close to your heart as possible and thank you that it is possible in Jesus Christ! Please, make my heart as similar to yours as you want it to be. I am peaceful and full of joy despite everything that is unknown to me. I am not worried because I know you will guide me. Please, bless the people that mean so much to me. Lord, keep my mom and Ania in your loving hands. Carry them in everything they will have to experience. Keep them close to your heart and guide them by your Holy Spirit.
I trust in you!

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:D i ciagle wakacje!!! [Aug. 30th, 2006|12:55 pm]
[music |Coldplay:)]

I'm going to Rybnik with Salif!!!weeeee!!!
It's great cause I'm a bit bored...how long can u stay at home...1, 2 days and that's enough...I like "peace and quiet" but...only to some extent:)
I like Salifos...and it will be wonderful to spend some time with my little brother(Kamil;)and some other friends:D We're leaving around 5pm...I wonder what lasagne is like:P
It's so cool to have the access to the internet all the time...my brother is far away;)
yesterday I overused it a bit:)sitting till 4am is not normal:)anyways, I feel so freeeeee!!!;)
Kamil stay in Rybnik a couple of days more!!:*
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in the middle of...Wilamowice;)lol [Jul. 30th, 2006|11:03 pm]
[music |I may never climb a mountain...]

hey! It's almost a half of my summer holidays and I haven't written anything...spending two weeks with children at a camp, a week at SLOT and a few days more with my family and friends made me forget about the journal...now I feel there is too much to describe and I can only say that the people I met are amazing...I'm starting to feel depressed about saying goodbye to them...I won't see them again...at least on this earth...it's so sad:( Every year it looks the same...I get to know someone and I keep only some good memories...it's so good to have sb who always stays with you who is near you and always cares...
Lord, give me strength to say goodbye and not suffer and give me more zeal to serve you...I need your guidence ...
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I feel like going for a long walk today. [Jun. 10th, 2006|08:32 pm]
[mood |boredbored]

Why can't I just go out and walk? I'd love to hang out with my friends and relax. I know I'm complaing again...sorry...I just don't feel like studying at all. I always have to force myself. Practical grammar...it doesn't sound encoutaging to me. I have this feeling that I haven't done anything today and the day is almost over...it's awful...eliza do sth with yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!....

...The relative clause is an essential part of the whole definition, and cannot be omitted...etc.
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NO PAIN!!!! [May. 28th, 2006|08:32 am]
Please, pray for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have 11 more tests to finish this term. It seems impossible to go through but I believe in miracles.
There is so much stress in life. It would be easier not to have "the heart" and just not care...no pain...hmmm
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Sleepless [Mar. 26th, 2006|02:40 am]
[mood |weirdweird]
[music |Silence and my brother's snoring:)]

I have no idea why I'm awake now...It has't happened since...I don't remember such a situation at all. I just can't sleep:/ even though I was so active yesterday. This weekend is special for me, I have nothing to study and I spent a nice evening with my friends watching a movie and talking. However, I feel that sth is missing. I miss...I feel a bit lonely and queer. I don't know exactly what I should do.
Lord, I give you all these feelings, fears and worries. I know that you understand me the best and you are always with me. Help me trust you more and see the shadow right next to me. Thank you that you've never left me alone and that you want to guide me. Let me be sensitive to your guidence and voice. Lord, the purpose of my life is to praise you and show your beauty to all around me. I love you...I want to love you with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. Fill me with the first love and make me patient and awake to be ready for your coming back. I can't wait till I fall into your arms, Jesus:)
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Hebr.3;12- 6;6 [Feb. 11th, 2006|06:05 pm]
[music |coldplay]

God's paths are so unpredictable. I can't even think and imagine the ways and future he prepares for me. I believe that no matter what happens you will guide me, Lord. Thank you for Beata, that you've sent her. It's amazing...guide her and the people she will talk to. Send me wherever you want and guide me. If it's your will, help to create a group of your people in Wilamowice. I would like to grow. I would like to be able to eat the solid food of your Word. Teach me how to do that and help me not to be a small child eating only the milk. I don't want to be stubborn or deaf. I feel so bad when I think I could neglect any part of your will for my life. I need your Spirit so badly, Lord. Fill me and guide me. Don't let me fall or betray you. I want to love you,Lord, with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind and with all my strength every day.
Lord, am I able to listen carefully? Am I mature enough? Lord, I feel I should be able to decide if things are good or bad. I guess you would like me to teach and have enough knowledge and wisdom to bear fruit and praise you. Why do I feel so "disabled"? I think I haven't followed you too carefully. I've fallen so many times. I feel weak...
Lord, nevertheless, I know your gracious love and mercy are upon me. I believe that it is your Son, Jesus Christ, whose wounds and blood have healed me. I put my trust in your faithfulness and grace. Your wonderful deeds have paid for my awful sins. Lord, I put all my hope and trust in You, in my God and Savior, Jesus Christ. Please, show me again where I'm wrong and not complete. Guide me every day by your Spirit.
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(no subject) [Feb. 6th, 2006|10:07 pm]
[music |Switchfoot]

It's amazing that when I feel so bad and useless like a total loser, I cry and open the Bible, I feel comforted then.
Lord, your Word is such a blessing for my soul. I can't understand your love and grace for me. I love you. I want to praise your holy name! You give me comfort, help, peace and forgiveness. Thank you for the last service and for the passage I've just read. Please, help me to "kill" my old nature and make yourself visible in me. I long to be like you. Fill me with your Holy Spirit 'cause I feel I can't do anything without you. I can't take even one step and be happy without you, Lord. You are my air and my daily bread. Without you nothing makes much sense, there is only emptiness and despair.
Lord, I have my dreams and wishes. You know them and you've searched through them so precisely. I feel you know me better than I know myself. I trust in you whatever comes to my life. I give you my dreams. Do whatever you want with my life. I'd like to be only yours. Although I think there is so little I can offer, I'd like you to use my life. Lord, help me 'cause I feel so weak and useless. And again this passage you gave me comes to my mind...

Lecz teraz bądź mężny(...)-mówi Pan-(...)
Bądź mężny cały ludu kraju!-mówi Pan-
DO DZIEŁA, bo ja jestem z wami!-mówi Pan Zastępów.
Zgodnie z obietnicą, któtą wam dałem, gdy wychodziliście z Egiptu,
mój duch jest stale wśród was,
Gdyż tak mówi Pan Zastępów:
Jeszcze raz-za małą chwilkę-porusze niebiosa i ziemię,morze i ląd stały.
Poruszę wszystkie narody tak, że napłyną kosztowności wszystkich narodów
i napełnię ten dom chwałą- mówi Pan Zastępów.
Moje jest srebro i złoto- mówi Pan Zastępów.
Przyszła chwała tego domu będzie większa niż dawna-mówi Pan Zastępów-
i miejsce to obdarze pokojem- mówi Pan Zastępów.

(Aggeusz 2;4-9)

Lord, "you give me strength when I want to give up" :)
Thank you for your Spirit, that you are with me and always keep your promises. Thank you that you want me to be free and have nothing in common with "Egypt". Thank you that you can move the earth to make wonderful things in and with my life. I know that the true gold and silver is offered only through your hands. I know that I won't be disappointed and you will raise me up because you give me peace. Blessed be your name!!!

I can't do anything without you. Guide me each moment of my life, Lord.
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My prayer [Feb. 2nd, 2006|01:39 pm]
W Tobie, Panie, szukalam schronienia,
Obym nigdy nie doznala wstydu!
Przez sprawiedliwosc swoja wybaw mnie!
Nakłoń ku mnie ucho swoje,
spiesznie ocal mnie!
Bądź mi skałą obronną, grodem warownym, by mnie wybawić!
bos Ty skalą moją i twierdzą moją,
przez wzgląd na imię Twoje będziesz mnie prowadził i wiódł!
wyciągnij mnie z sieci(...)
boś Ty schronieniem moim.
W ręce Twoje polecam ducha mego,
odkupiles mnie, Panie, Boże wierny.
Raduję się i weselę łaską Twoją.
Gdyż wejrzałeś na niedole moją,
poznałeś utrapienie duszy mojej.
(...)Postawiłeś nogi moje na miejscu szerokim.
Zmiłuj się nade mną, Panie, bom jest uciśniony!
Zmętniało od zgryzoty oko moje, dusza i wnętrzności moje.
Bo życie moje upływa w boleści,
a lata moje w westchnieniach,
siła moja słabnie z powodu winy mojej,
a kości moje usychają(...)
Jestem jak rozbite naczynie(...)
Mówię: Tyś Bogiem moim.
W ręku Twoim są losy moje(...)
Rozjaśnij oblicze swoje nad sługą swoim,
wybaw mnie w łasce swojej!
Jak wielka jest dobroć Twoja,
którą zachowałeś dla tych, którzy się Ciebie boją,
któtą wobec ludzi okazałeś tym, którzy ufają Tobie!
Ochraniasz ich pod osłoną oblicza twojego przed przewrotnością ludzi,
ukrywasz ich w namiocie przed kłótliwymi językami.
Błogosławiony niech będzie Pan,
gdyż okazał mi cudowną łaskę swoją w warownym grodzie.
A ja rzekłem w niepokoju swoim:
zostałem odtrącony sprzed oczu Twoich.
Zaiste, wysłuchałeś głosu błagania mego,
kiedy wołałam do Ciebie.
Pan strzeże weirnych,
a wyniosłemu odpłaca tak jak zasługuje.
BĄDŹCIE MOCNI! A serce wasze niech będzie dzielne,
wy wszyscy, którzy macie nadzieję w Panu.

Ps 31
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(no subject) [Jan. 31st, 2006|02:35 am]
[mood |sleepysleepy]

I wrote my last exam!!! It was difficult and the results are on Wednesday:/ Wednesday is going to be "exciting". I'm going to the Pentecostal church in Bielsko with my friend. God is so good to me and to her too. She really enjoys each service, especially the last one. Me too and I'm so happy that she wants to follow God.
I've just started my winter break and it's such a relief for me. It was so hard to go through all these tests and credits. I hope the break will be full of fun. I'd love to talk with my friends who I usually don't see very often.
Dear Father thank you so much for your guidance during this term and for these holidays. You are such a wonderful and faithful God!!! Everything I adore is in you. You are a perfect provider and protector. I love you and I want your will to happen in my life. Please, help me use this time the best I can. May your will happen.
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